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About US

Who We are

WE ARE MacoopA Bank

A place for you and your family where you enjoy modern banking services. Deposit, withdraw and make other necessary transactions have never been so easy before. You should not wait so long to join over 850.000 users who are satisfied with our services. A place for everyone who wants to get a loan to improve or start his/her business. Innovation is our entry point and technology is our moving vehicle, and passengers benefits from secure journey of ethical services founded on constant free consultation.

  • Get your Cash Fast
  • 15 Minute Online Application
  • Coverage around the Africa
  • Business without borders
  • Affiliates and partnerships
  • Very well connected

We are Ethical

MacoopA Bank offers services rooted with Maat values. This is what conveys MacoopA Bank to be an ethical Bank, the banks which wears the costume of Self-esteem, Truth, Justice, Perfection, Harmony, Balance and Reciprocity.

We are Innovative

MacoopA Bank does not perform any miracle, but brings innovation in the banking classic habits. Everyone, every person who is with us, has his/her role and duty to bring about these innovation. Our technology allows us to reach our customers up to the last kilometre.

MacoopA is your Bank

As you being a customer of MacoopA Bank you are not only a customer but the owner. MacoopA Bank is one of the department of MacoopA, so, when you are a member of MacoopA, automatically your are in MacoopA Community and family. We take care of your business growth.

We are Secure and Reliable

MacoopA extends its services where MacoopA has a branch. Since MacoopA is well represented though its branches, you are sure of a timely and secure services full of ethical values. Your satisfaction is our happiness and achievement.