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MacoopA Account enables you access MacoopA Community services

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Project support

Projects are funded and supported within MacoopA Community, where management becomes easy.

Ask for Assistance

One of the benefits of a community it is that you can ask for assistance once you are in need.

Deposit Schemes

Save for your tomorrow. The community, or your family experiences unpredictable moments.

Community Solidarity

un tree does not make a forest. The essence of a community is in the value of Solidarity.

About us

MacoopA Community

Our Mission

Our goals are short, medium and long term to bring about sustainable change in our community.

Our Vision

MacoopA offers its members all over the world innovative services in lifting up our community presence.

Unser Ziel

MacoopA account dient als a tool with which every member is proud of being part of MacoopA Community.

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Our Services

We take care of our Community with solidarity services.

Solidarity Support

As an Account Holder you are committed to the community and MacoopA is also committed to you in the community where the virtue of solidarity meet reciprocity.

Social Security

Account Holders of MacoopA Account have different schemes to plan for the future in the Community where every member is sure of community solidarity.

Community Projects

Account Holders of MacoopA Account are able to benefit and participate in community projects. As a member, you have the opportunity to support the community effectively.

How it works

It's easy to join us


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As a member of MacoopA you have to open an account first.



After registration we need to verify your identity.



Before you apply to any services plans, you need make your savings first.


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Now you can subscribe to any of our Community services.

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Why Choose Us?

We provide ethical services

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Human person in our Environment

In our community, we don't leave beside people in our environment. Our environment is sacred, and people have to pay this respect to the nature by commitment themselves to the community.

Services based on Ubuntu

What makes the difference in our services is the attitude we have to our Community which is our identity. Besides, human values makes our services ethical where human person the deserved place.

We provide our Community Services to MacoopA Members

To benefit from our Community Services, you need just to be a member of MacoopA.


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